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British Homing World Magazine

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British Homing World Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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NO 7723,  released 01/03/2024
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Next Issue: NO 7724, Due:08/03/2024
British Homing World magazine is the official magazine of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. Published weekly in Britain with a circulation of around 24,000 in 2010, British Homing World magazine carries weekly listings of most race results during the racing season, details of liberation times and early race arrivals, weekly competitions, a young fanciers’ club, reports and features on scientific and veterinary topics, as well as product advertisements and reader’s letters.

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Pigeons have a long and illustrious history living alongside human beings. The oldest recorded image of a pigeon dates back to 3000 BC, in Mesopotamia (Iraq). The Sumarians bred white doves from wild pigeons.

In more recent times, pigeons were used as a means of communication in the first and second World Wars, being released from sinking ships and trenches with information and co-ordinates, largely free from the danger of interception and allowing the receiver to send rescue.

The pigeon is a fascinating creature that has been bred to be a useful creature for centuries, and continues to be bred to new levels of excellence.

British Homing World is the must-read for every pigeon fancier who shares this fascination with racing pigeons, and carries all the information a pigeon fancier or pigeon racer will need to pursue this sport successfully. It has something for all ages: from a young fanciers’ club to a racing competition specifically designed for senior citizens.

This publication comes out weekly, so subscribe to make sure you’re kept up to date on the latest race information, race listings, liberation times, and other information such as veterinary issues, cartoons and your letters, and any other topics of interest that may affect the pigeon fancier or his pigeons.


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