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Disegno Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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Current Issue

Design Review 3,  released 27/11/2023
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Next Issue: NO. 37, Due:25/03/2024
Disegno is the leading quarterly magazine dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting on architecture, design and fashion. Containing unique and insightful content, the magazine aims to generate debate, inform, entertain and inspire, bringing thoughtful analysis of current events to a design-interested audience. Disegno is released in April, June, September and November.

This lovely publication contains features on design and designers world-wide, covering the likes of fashion, architecture and simple object design from the practical to the provocative. Published quarterly, it offers a roundup of the best of the preceding 3 months along with stunning new designs for the future. Printed on lovely high-quality paper, Disegno is a fascinating and eclectic collection of articles and images centred on the theme of design.

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It is pretty much standard practice that the best design magazines out there are wonderful works of design in themselves. Disegno is no exception. Flicking through the impressively chunky selection of pages you will find an assortment of exquisitely laid out and arranged articles and photographs, covering an astonishing array if different design related topics.

We really rather love the loose and vague theme that has been set up for Disegno. By simply concerning itself with things relating to ‘design’ it can include pretty much anything it wants from a number of different industries, rather than focusing in on something such as art, architecture or fashion. As a result Disegno is a celebration of everything designed by man, an eclectic yet fascinating assortment of items and articles that nevertheless make sense together.

This use of a vague theme is something we would love to see more of in the wider world of magazinery (yes, we know that’s not a word but it should be). It would offer the editorial staff the opportunity to include pretty much whatever they feel like, and result in a much more interesting experience for everyone. Magazines would be written with a passion and represent a mix of ideas, rather than a formulaic concoction of articles following a central set of guidelines, and we are pretty sure that would improve the quality of the reading out there. NB


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